Sunday, February 27, 2011

Integrate, don't segregate - Queen tribute Band at the Melbourne Zoo

February 19th 2011

Australia's 'Freddie Mercury' teases Cecilia and Katie. Photo: Emma Hill

"Freddie Mercury in My Zoo?"

The Meerkats are skeptical.

"I can't believe it?"

But its true.

Well, kind of.
Its the Queen Tribute show, at the Melbourne Zoo twilight Series, the perfect place for all that vitality.

Once we all warmed up, Gareth Hill was a thrilling Freddie Mercury,
The greatness of Queen has to be the  'Eros' between Freddie and his audience.
The both of them are having the time of their life.

This Freddie too, got the human families dancing,

the Elephant families dancing,

and the teenage lions joining in from the back row, with their sexy Roar.

Here is the 'Permaculture' I loved about this event:

'Be Actors, not spectators' 
The people who got into some risky singing and dancing had the most fun. Life is like that.

Seeing Families enjoy each other  
I hear that families love each other, but in the western world I very rarely see it, in public. No wonder so many guys (and girls) don't want to 'commit'. "What fun would that be?" they wonder.
Never doubt the power of public enjoyment of your children. Its a gift to humanity.

'Integrate, don't segregate' 
This way we got to see Splendid Zoo and Splendid Show for Modest Money. People who wouldn't have seen the Zoo got a peek, and will come back, their next visits again supporting this not-for-profit conservation society.  They may be re-inspired - sometimes it takes a few goes. Pretty much everything you want to learn about how to create beauty is being demonstrated in the gardens of the Zoo. 

'Time Stacking'  
The Zoo is otherwise closed and unappreciated at night, these events make more of a brilliant resource.

'Increase useful diversity' 
Its great to be chewing on my picnic dinner, enjoying a pat every now and then from my sister, then wander over to watch the lions chew on their dinner, and share a bit of nestling up. Humans aren't the only life forms. Eating, affection, and family are needed by all of us.

'Don't re-invent the wheel'
Freddie did a great job, he is already known. Gareth doesn't have to create his own following, he can borrow our affection for Queen, do a great job, and everyone is happy.  Janet Millington's presentation at APC 10 reminded me 'borrow and extend existing achievments'  is the #1 priority for my Permaculture this year.

Katie my sister is the one who brought me along, a kind of farewell to my stay with her & Jorge in Melbourne. At the end she suggested we invite this Freddie to my sister April's 'Bring a Celebrity' Costume party.
I was too shy.

But I did!

What did I find out later - Gareth is a big Permaculture fan, who is looking forward to making time & allies to re-start his heritage- seed gardens.
Gareth, you are an inspiration! xx

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Gareth said...

Hey Cecilia!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful validation of our show!

YOU are an inspiration to me also! Your family is extremely interesting! Had a ball last night meeting everyone! You would have loved it!!

It's great to know you...